Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Let us help you decide on our company by presenting you the testimonials of other clients

This page has been especially designed to help our future customers through sharing the opinions of existing ones. Read the following testimonials about our garage door services. This is a great opportunity to learn how our technicians work and resolve problems with different automatic door components.

A great company for garage door opener repair

"I’m a procrastinator by nature, so when my automatic opener stopped working I just flicked it over to manual and kept going, thinking it would be a hassle to get fixed. Eventually I called up Garage Door Repair Eagan after my colleague gave me their number, and I was so surprised to see how easy it was to get the opener fixed. Next time I won’t let the problem go on for so long, I’ll just call these guys and get them to look at it again. They were really nice, and the price was great!"

Replaced my cable professionally

"When the safety cable on my garage door snapped, I didn’t think much of it at first. But after looking on the internet I realized that leaving it like that is really dangerous. So I eventually called Garage Door Repair in Eagan to see if they could look at it for me, and I’m lucky I did because they told me my springs were about to give in too, which would have been disastrous. Anyway they replaced it fairly quickly, and even replaced the springs. They left no mess behind, were very polite and the price was more than reasonable for all their trouble. I’m glad I chose them for the job."

Repairing My Allister Garage Door Opener

"I'm amazed at the professional garage door service that this company was able to provide me. I have 4 kids and I drive them to school every single day. It's important that when we get in the car, we are able to immediately drive off. This is why when our opener was on the fritz, I contacted this company while I was at work. The repair man was already waiting for me when I got home, which was nice. When he inspected the motor, he already knew exactly what was wrong. He replaced some parts, made some adjustments and - voila - everything was working fine again."

- Howard Donovan

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