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Just like any remote mechanisms, the remote control of your garage door requires fresh batteries to keep working properly. If the remote starts to fail in opening and closing the biggest door in your home automatically, old batteries are the most common cause. If not, you might have to reset the opener or restart the motor.
The safety mechanisms on your opener should be checked regularly to ensure they are functioning. If not, this could lead to you or someone else being harmed by a door that could malfunction without notice. Keep safe, schedule routine maintenance today.
If you think the movement of your door is not as smooth as it should be, you can actually adjust the sensitivity of your garage door opener. Consult the door opener unit’s manual for the details on how to do this. You can also find related garage door maintenance pointers in the manual.
There will be instances when the garage door adjustment you do leads to the enlarging of screw holes. A major repair or parts replacement is unnecessary in addressing these enlarged holes. The solution could be as simple as applying wood filling material in the hole and to use new screws.
According to our experts, garage door maintenance does not really require special cleaning supplies. You can clean the garage door panel, railings, frame, tracks, and other door parts using ordinary household cleaners. Just avoid highly corrosive substances like bleach as they hasten rusting and can cause major problems especially on the moving parts.

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